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Jay B.

I am a proud native of the enchanting city of Charleston, South Carolina. My life's motto, "Be Intentional. Be Cultured.," is deeply rooted in my upbringing. I come from a family where my loving Mom ensured that my siblings and I were afforded a well-cultured lifestyle despite her being a single parent.

Growing up, I was immersed in the rich and vibrant Gullah Geechee heritage, a part of our culture that I hold dear to my heart. It's heritage that I am always eager to represent whenever the opportunity arises. 

My journey into the world of travel began with a poignant moment in my life. In 2013, my beloved grandfather, who had only ventured as far as North Carolina to accompany my Mom to college, passed away just a month shy of his 81st birthday. His limited travels made me acutely aware that there was an entire world out there waiting to be explored. I felt a deep-seated obligation to see the world, not just for myself but also for him, to honor his memory.

So, here I am, a passionate traveler with an insatiable curiosity about the world. Through my travel adventures, I aim to capture the essence of different cultures, share inspiring stories, and celebrate the beauty of our diverse world. 

Welcome to my travel blog, where we embrace the art of intentional living and the beauty of diverse cultures. Thank you in advance for joining me on this captivating voyage! 

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