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"Whereva ya go, wha eva ya do, do it with a purpose and good intent ya?!" ~J. Brown

"If ya gone do 'em, it's best to do 'em now...hunna neva kno if dey gone be ah next time."~J. Brown


Be Intentional. Be Cultured.


The #GeechieTravels movement is to encourage exposure, cultural experiences, and self appreciation; especially for Black millenials of Gullah/Geechee lineage.






The Geechee/Gullah heritage should be embraced more by its own people as it plays an integral role in the foundation of various parts of the nation. Aspire to learn about other unique cultures where one can foster ways of life he/she may find most admirable. However, it's done, do it with the intent to be well cultured.


Your life depends on it. 

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