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About the blogger...


JONATHAN, is a 30- year-old native of Johns Island, SC. The area is relatively close to the infamous Charleston, SC and is among several areas in the southeastern region of the U.S. rich in the Gullah/Geechee culture. 


He was reared primarily by his maternal grandparents whom were both Gullah/Geechee. His grandmother was an educator and his grandfather was a car detailer. Aside language, he experienced the culture in other forms such as learning to prepare, popular dishes, reciting songs, spiritual upbringing, and even education. His single mother, Helena, consistently strived to increase exposure and culture throughout his childhood. Trips to museums. amusement parks, cultural festivals were extremely common throughout the summer months. The tutelage of his mother and grandparents established the foundation which cultivated his love for humanity and community. 

He has always possessed a love for travel. It wasn't until more recently, he became overly intrigued about encouraging others to indulge and explore the globe. Where he believes, traveling is a major investment. Unlike cars or homes, it brings about pleasures that do not depreciate over time. 

Please be advised, this is not your typical blogger. He desires to be his authentic self while keeping you engaged, informed, and entertained about both travel and his Gullah/Geechee heritage.


Jonathan Brown 

"Geechie Docta" 

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